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Album Inserts

Lyric Sheets
Promise Me You'll Stay, 2017 listen here
Cravin' the Rain, 2016
Guardians of Truth, 2015 lyrics
Live, 2015 lyrics
Goodbye, Farewell (The Original Funeral Song), 2014
Songs of Secrets Told, 2013 lyrics
Gay Marriage Song, 2012
Piano Christmas Classics, 2008
Return to Love, 2007 lyrics
Soldier, 2007 lyrics
Love2: Journey of the Heart, 2006
Live As A Beautiful Me (DVD), 2005
Live As A Beautiful Me, 2005
Love, 2005
Reflections of Me, 2003
In Silence, 2001
Song of Shallows, 1999
Midnight Streams, 1998
Warm Embrace, 1998
A Moment In Stillness (VHS), 1998
Soul Journey, 1998
Angelica Sun, 1997
Lonely Hearts, 1996
Warm Embrace, 1995
Brian the Great, 1991
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