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Our Philosophy

Brian Kimmel Guidance Center offers a holistic approach to psychological healing and personal growth, combining elements of talk therapy with mindfulness and body-centered awareness practices. Gentle but powerful, our unique form of therapy can help you gain crucial insight, experience new ways of being, and cultivate lasting change 



One-on-one psychotherapy, for whatever you’re going through. A mindful, body-aware method for healing from unnecessary suffering and transforming limiting beliefs and habits.



 In couples therapy, we never take sides; our client is the relationship itself. We utilize an evidence-based approach to help unburden relationships from the wounds of the past and restore the possibility of undefended love.  



So many people today carry the scars of traumatic experiences and toxic stress, new and old. Is it an endless source of anxiety and even shame? You are not alone. Our therapy offers a holistic approach combining neuro-informed cognitive-behavioral approaches with dynamic interpersonal support. 



Many of our clients are multi-cultural, multi-heritage, BIMPoC/communities of color. They are LGBTQI, transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary who may be ethically non-monogamous or poly-open. 


Lecture Series

Brian Kimmel is a powerful and engaging speaker with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Consider taking one of his group learning experiences that feature meditation, body-mind healing, and the expressive arts. Some are single lectures while others are as many as 4 classes. 


Enjoy Your Journey With Brian Kimmel Guidance Center

Life is a journey with many different paths to follow, each with challenges to overcome. At Brian Kimmel Guidance Center, we believe overcoming these challenges is an important part of your journey. The path you travel to get there is equally as important.  Allow us to guide you down this path and help you enjoy your j


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